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Lactalis American Group is a U.S. subsidiary of the world’s largest dairy company. 

Available jobs

Lab Technician- 3rd shift : To work in Quality Assurance laboratory performing physical and microbiological testing on raw materials, work in process, and finished goods. Click here for details

Bagger- Whey Plant : Operates filling equipment and sealing equipment to insure a smooth, continuous flow of product. Click here for details

Cheese Maker Trainee- 2nd or 3rd shift: Responsible for the production of high quality consistent product and correct kettle/processor formulation. Click here for details

Job: Machine Operator- 2nd or 3rd shift: Responsible for culture preparation and maturation, as well as ensures culture room is in good operational repair which includes the cleanliness of the room and equipment as well as the physical condition of the area. Click here for details 

Job: Forklift Operator- 2nd or 3rd shift: Performs functions directly related to a manufacturing facility.  Perform shipping and receiving functions as well as computer transactions daily. Click here for details 

Job: Maintenance- Packaging Mechanic- 2nd or 3rd shift : Responsible for a variety of tasks that requires knowledge and/or ability to learn packaging equipment and assist when needed on major utility systems.  Ability to progress and desire to learn of high importance. Click here for details 

Job: Production Mechanic- Maintenance- 2nd or 3rd shift: Responsible for a variety of tasks that requires knowledge and/or ability to learn both production equipment and major utility systems.  Will work closely with a Class 3 Mechanic or mentor.  Ability to progress and desire to learn of high importance. Click here for details

Job: Security Officer- 3rd shift: Actively participates and performs functions on behalf of the company ensuring that the employees, property and operations of the company are protected.  Involved in multiple duties relating to supervising access to and exit from company facilities. Click here for the details

Job: Tank Room Operator- 3rd shift : Click here for details

Job: Ricotta Packaging—Machine Operator- 2nd shift : Responsible for operation and maintenance of the bulk filler machine system. Click here for the details

Supervisor – Ricotta Production/2nd & 3rd shift: Ensures the department is running in a safe, productive manner.  Focuses on production, quality and people.  Identifies, investigates and works to solve problems that arise.  Works closely with department employees and reports any issues to Ricotta Production Manager. Click here for details

Supervisor – Mozzarella Packaging – 2nd shift: Ensures the Mozzarella Packaging department is operating properly. Click here for details